What is SRA?

Started in September 2008, the Society of Robotics And Automation, better known as the SRA is a student's society which deals with Robotics, machine vision, 
Automation and the allied fields. SRA aims to create awareness and promotes robotics among students at VJTI and other leading colleges in Mumbai.We start right from an introduction to the basics of robotics.We encourage the students to pursue robotics as a serious career choice and give the relevant exposure for the same.

What does the Society do? 

Since its formation, the society has already achieved quite a lot. We mentor beginners, take up interesting projects and conduct workshops to cohere our 
efforts in the same and reduce the steep learning curve associated with beginners. We explore new dimensions in the field of Robotics and Automation. 

The following activities are carried out by the society :

Workshops & Seminars: 
Seminars and workshops can be conducted to guide a large number of beginners and even advanced beginners on a variety of topics to develop skills.Workshops are conducted hands on so that the students can easily understand the different concepts and implement the same.

Mentorship Program:
A novel approach to help beginner members to gain exposure, by providing them a Core group member with relevant experience to be a mentor for them in their projects and competitions.
Common Pool of Components:
The purchase of components in wholesale and the subsequent sharing of these components and devices allows for lesser wastage higher utilization and lesser cost. Members will be able to avail of these facilities as per availability.
Participation in Competitions ( Institute Representation ):
The Society will represent the college at national level technical competitions related to robotics such as Robocon, DRDO DRUSE, NVIDIA Jetson Developer Challenge and WRO ARC.

Project Work Under Professors:
Project work in Robotics, not only for final year students, but even for students from the junior years.

Rapid Prototyping:
Access to use of rapid prototyping tools like a 3-Axis CNC and 3D printer, for quick testing and fabrication of project components.

Funding for projects can also be provided by the Society, provided the idea is unique, practical and approved by the Senate and the Faculty Coordinators.

SRA and Industry Interaction 

Technology and Products: We will be in touch with representatives from the industry in order to acquire the latest technology to assist in our  robotic endeavors. 
Working knowledge about these products will be handed down to the SRA members to help them cope with the increasing challenges in robotics competitions.
     Internships: It is one of our goals to encourage companies to offer internship programs to members to help them gain a first hand experience of industrial technology.

      Seminars: Around the year seminars will be conducted by representatives from the industry giving members an insight into newer technology and advanced products.

Where is the SRA?

The society comes under the Mechanical Engineering Department.
It is housed at C T 001 on the Ground Floor of the Mechanical Engineering Department.

Organisation of the society

The society consists of two levels, the Senate, a group of seniors who spearhead the organisation, and Regular Members of the Society. Senate Membership 
is given to members with sufficient experience only. Each member gets an access to the common pool of components and is allowed to be a 
part of Mentorship Programs, Institute Level efforts in any Robotics Competition and participation in Workshops.

All the Best and Happy Roboting!