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posted Dec 11, 2008, 10:03 AM by Raghav Ohri   [ updated Jun 20, 2011, 11:54 PM by Deep Shah ]
What is it?

A 2 day Workshop on Basic Aeronautics and Hand Launched Gliders (HLG), covering the following topics:

  • Basic Aeronautics, Wing and airfoil geometry.
  • Forces in flight.
  • Stall.
  • Airfoil simulator.
  • Control surfaces.
  • Flight Trimming.
  • Design of a simple non-powered glider.
  • Construction of a chuck glider and an HLG.

All participants shall work in groups of a maximum of 3 people and shall receive a take home kit consisting of a 3 foot span Hand Launched Glider (HLG) and a sheet of balsa for you to design and fabricate a glider of your own .The kit will consist of a HLG whose surfaces can be adjusted to induce various flight patterns. It can also be converted into a powered, controlled glider by certain additions if required and can be flown indoors as well as outdoors.

A HLG is a non-powered glider launched by hand and its flight path can be controlled before the launch itself. It is more responsive to lift and sink helping you to understand the factors affecting lift better. Although its flights are comparatively short, it helps you learn from every launch and teaches you where and how not to fly and how to design a better aircraft.

The sheet of balsa can be easily used to construct a chuck glider which you can design and construct on your own. The techniques and methods used in designing will be taught so that the glider you design is an efficient flier.

A chuck glider is a simpler and smaller version of a HLG and can be constructed within 2 hours using sandpaper. Unlike the HLG, its surfaces are not adjustable and it follows the same path as it is designed to follow. However, its flight path can be easily changed by adding or removing dead weights.


Any SRA member who has a basic idea of pressure, forces, moments and fluid properties can attend. Information on these can be obtained from presentations we can provide on request. The members can also approach the senate members to learn about the same before the date of the workshop.


December 18th and 19th . The schedule will up put up on the website ( so keep checking the announcements section. To stay up to date  with SRA events, you can use this calendar. You can access it either via a calendering application like Google Calendar or Windows Calendar, or as an RSS feed.

How Much?

Rs.500 for a group of 3 people. This covers the cost of a Take Home Balsa HLG, a sheet of balsa for the chuck glider and all parts associated with the construction.

How Many?

Maximum Number of Groups is 10.

Entry is on First Come First Serve basis.

How to register?

    Call Niraj Sanghvai at 9769282814 or email him at niraj(AT)vjti(DOT)info.