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Mentorship Programme

posted Jul 31, 2009, 8:42 AM by VJTI Information Service   [ updated Jun 21, 2011, 12:04 AM by Deep Shah ]
As promised, the SRA will soon be starting a mentorship program for all those who wish to begin with basic robotics. A total of 10 projects have been specially selected for this program which will give the students the basic knowledge to delve deeper into robotics and get familiar with the concepts and techniques involved. The students shall be guided by senior and experienced SRA mentors.

Each team should consist of no less than three members and no more than five SRA members.

1. 7 Segment Display (View) (Download)

2. Albatross (View) (Download)

3. Grid (View) (Download)

4. Little Zizou (View) (Download)

5. Parbot (View) (Download)

6. Pelican (View) (Download)

7. Roll Cage (View) (Download)

8. Roll of Die (View) (Download)

9. Vertigo (View) (Download)

10. WallE (View) (Download)

All those who wish to take up projects under this programme may approach the Projects Coordinator, Shashank Sabesan in the SRA Lab, MLR-11, Mechanical Department or drop in an email to :

Shashank Sabesan
fierdor [at] gmail [dot] com