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Summer Projects

posted May 25, 2010, 8:11 PM by VJTI Information Service   [ updated Jun 21, 2011, 12:08 AM by Deep Shah ]
Following is the list of projects proposed by the SRA that students may take up in the Summer.

Members may take up any of these, or take up their own projects. They can approach the SRA for any assistance/mentorship required.

Most of the projects tagged as 'advanced' are being undertaken by the SRA. Interested people are welcome to join.

Also, if you think you have a good idea that could be implemented -irrespective of how simple or complex the idea is- suggestions are welcome.
Good, feasible ideas will be appended to this list.

1. LCD Interfacing
    A good project for beginners wanting to learn Microcontroller Coding (Atmega 16). It involves interfacing the Atmega with a 16 X 2 LCD screen. Apart from the fun of seeing characters displayed on the screen as you will, this can also be used as a module in bigger projects, for debugging and output.

2. Multi-coloured Wall-E
    Tried your hand at a line-follower ?  Try something slightly different.
    Problem Statement: Make a line follower which will follow only a line of a specific colour. For example, if you have Red, Blue and Green lines drawn on a white surface: press a button, and the bot follows red, another button and it follows green, and so on.
The project can be undertaken by people who have finished Wall-E as well as beginners.
The SRA intends to keep a competition for the same at the beginning of the next term.

3. Braille Tutor (Advanced)
    The SRA is working on improving this project. Any member who is interested in learning and assisting in the programming section may contact Aniket Tatipamula  (99699 82534) You may also contact if you are interested in CAD designing or electronics part.
    The project is already underway.

4. Rubiks Cube Solver (Advanced)
    Make a bot that solves a scrambled rubiks cube on its own. Involves heavy algorithms/ coding, colour recognition.

5. Speech/ Voice Recognition

6. Robotic Fish

Members are working on creating a Robotic Fish. Here's a  video of the first prototype :

Robotic Fish

You may reply to the mailing list or use the Contact Us form, both found in the left hand tab for details.
Members are welcome to join in.

Any beginner wanting to undertake any of the previous mentorship projects may also take up those.
Projects under Algorithms are also being considered. More project ideas and their details will be duly added to these. Suggestions are welcome.

For any inquiries, please use the thread in the mailing list.